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Presentation BVM School Students Excited About Butterflies

Presentation BVM School’s third graders watched as the butterflies they cared for and observed took flight into the flowered gardens near and beyond their school. These third graders had learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. The students watched as the minuscule caterpillars grew into big fat caterpillars, observed them through the chrysalis stage and then finally the Painted Ladies were released to find nourishment and then eventually lay eggs to complete the life cycle. Sad faces turned to smiles when the students returned to their classroom to celebrate by making butter to spread on butterfly crackers along with a little sweet marmalade. It was a great science lesson that was enjoyed by all!

Presentation BVM School is Proud of our Students

Congratulations! We congratulate the following students who have received the Virtue of the Month award for their consistent display of obedience in May: Kindergarten – Emma Clark, Grade 1 – Paolo Leiva, Grade 2 – Aleeza Fala, Grade 3 – Sariah John, Grade 4 – Sinead Hurst, Grade 5 – Nicholas Wittmer, Grade 6 – Bria Corley, Grade 7 – Nicole Ramirez and Grade 8 – Tahj Fils-Aime.

Presentation BVM School is Proud of our Students

Congratulations!  The following students have received the Virtue of the Month Award for April for their consistent display of justice in the classroom:  Kindergarten – Joseph DiSantis, Grade 1 – Rachel Kessler, Grade 2 – Jamie Obfenda, Grade 3 – Tran Le, Grade 4 – Thomas Fala, Grade 5 – Aliaz Hightower, Grade 6 – Emily Cashman, Grade 7 – Messiah White and Grade 8 – Sarah Dugan.



Presentation BVM School is Proud of our Students

The Presentation BVM School community congratulates eighth grade students Eoghan Pleis and Quasim Smith, recipients of this year’s Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award.  The Connelly Achievement Award recognizes eighth grade students who demonstrate the morals and values of a Catholic education, who work hard to achieve their full academic and personal potential and who have a strong desire to attend an archdiocesan high school.  These two young men bring great honor to their school, their parish and their families!



Presentation BVM School is Proud of our Students


As part of Presentation BVM School’s 90th anniversary celebration, students participated in a year-long service project called “Operation Gratitude” to support homeless veterans.  During Lent, students in Kindergarten to grade 8 were asked to “give up” one snack.  All donated snacks were given to Support Homeless Veterans, an organization dedicated to providing housing for veterans returning to civilian life.

 Presentation BVM School is Proud of our Students


We congratulate the following students who were recognized by their teachers for their consistent display of forgiveness in March:  Kindergarten – Jaiven Tracey, Grade 1 – Lauren Kessler, Grade 2 – Leah Drages, Grade 3 – Anastasia Owens, Grade 4 – Mia Colon, Grade 5 – Katelyn Bennett, Grade 6 – Gianna Nunez, Grade 7 – David Martinez and Grade 8 – Gianna Jones.


Presentation BVM School – Pay It Forward

Presentation BVM students enjoyed “The NED Show”, a 45-minute assembly focusing on character education through storytelling, humor and yo-yo tricks. Students met the cartoon character NED who delivered three messages –

Never Give Up.                Encourage Others.                   Do Your best.

Our school received “The NED Show” for free because another school held a pay-it – forward yo-yo sale. Yo-yos purchased by our students will help send the assembly on for another school to enjoy!

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 Presentation BVM School is Proud of our Students

Recently students from Presentation BVM School boarded a bus and headed out to St. Charles Seminary. They were taking part in a community service project. They participated in packaging meals for hungry brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso. Approximately 800 students from our Archdiocesan schools participated and we were very happy to be a part of this service. All of the students and staff managed to package 50,000 meals.
THIS is faith in action.














Presentation BVM School is Proud of What We Learn in Kindergarten

What we learn in Kindergarten @ PresBVM School 

Pres Pride

Check out our talented students. Click the title to view the video.

Kindergarten ~ Soap and Water

Grade 1 ~ Soap and Water

Grade 2 ~ Peaceful

Grade 3 ~ Peaceful

Presentation BVM School Is Proud Of Its Students

Favorite School Memories

Presentation BVM School Is Proud Of Its Students Living Their Faith

Virtue of the MonthNov virtue

The Virtue of the Month for November was gratitude. We congratulate the following students who have been recognized by their teachers for consistently displaying this virtue:
Kindergarten – Margaret E., Grade 1 – Nolan E., Grade 2 – Joshua H., Grade 3 – Michael W., Grade 4 – Victoria M., Grade 5 – Genisis C., Grade 6 – Abigail S., Grade 7 – Evan N. and Grade 8 – Quassim S.


Presentation BVM School Is Proud Of Our Students

Students at Presentation BVM School learn from an early age that service to others is as important as any reading or math lesson. Each year our students participate in a variety of outreach activities including collecting canned goods for food cupboards, supporting Alzheimer’s research and making cards and letters for those living in shelters. This year, as part of our 90th Anniversary celebration, our school has made one organization the focus of all its service activities for the year – Support Homeless Veterans, Inc.
Our students participated in a school-wide service project to make bags of toiletries for these veterans. They decorated gift bags, wrote cards and filled bags with their prayer partners. Students also created a giant American flag of traced hands with “thank you” messages on each. The banner was given to the veterans’ shelter in Glenside.
Bob Kelly, Fox 29, shared in our enthusiasm and celebration on our day of service. We even celebrated Pres’ 90th by singing Happy Birthday and sharing cake and cupcakes. What a wonderful day for our school community!

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Presentation BVM School Is Proud Of Its Leaders

Presentation BVM School installed its student leaders in a school-wide liturgy. Students in the eighth grade volunteered to serve on the Safety Patrol to ensure the safety of the students at dismissal. Presentation also installed its classroom Mission Reps, who coordinate service projects to help those in need, its classroom Tech Reps, who assist with the technology tasks in the school, and its Student Council officers and classroom representatives, who take the initiative in creating and implementing a wide variety of activities for the school. We congratulate the following elected Student Council officers for the 2016-17 school year.            IMG_3756

President – Sergio Santiago

Vice President – Luke Pfeiffer

Secretary – Henry Hurst

Treasurer – William Hill

Director of Service – Abigail Szypula

Congratulations to all of the students who have chosen to provide service to their school and share their leadership qualities.
You make Presentation PROUD!


 Presentation BVM School Is Proud Of Its Students Living Their Faith

Virtue of the Month

The Virtue of the Month for September was hospitality. We congratulate the following students who have been recognized by their teachers for consistently being welcoming and accepting of others: Kindergarten – Aiden Bennett, Grade 1 – Jacob Martin, Grade 2 – Lillian Williams, Grade 3 – Brianna Micsko, Grade 4 – Valentina Giraldo, Grade 5 – Rocco Santiago, Grade 6 – Moira Hurst, Grade 7 – Timothy Corley and Grade 8 – Michael Herbert.

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