CARES (Children Are Receiving Extended Services)

Phone: (215) 379-4860 (after school)


Presentation B.V.M. School provides an extended day program.

Children must be registered in order to stay for this program.

The program provides professional care, supervision, recreation, and enrichment activities. Time is set aside for a snack, outdoor and indoor recreation, homework, games, and art projects.

Hours are 2:30 to 6 P.M. each school day.

It services members of our parish school community who desire Catholic school education and after school care. It is available for children in grades K to 8.

It is our sincere intent to provide a safe and enjoyable after school environment for your child.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact feel free to contact the principal.



  1. Children change in separate classrooms. Use lavatory facilities.
  2. Gather together in CARES Room (room 3) to select a snack and socialize.
  3. All of the children proceed to the fenced field located behind the church for activities and ball playing. (A first-aid kit and a cell phone are present at all times.) In inclement weather, the children will play in the gym.

After a play period the students will begin to complete their homework.  Staff will offer help to the children but ultimately all homework must be checked by the parent for accuracy and completion. Studying needs to be completed at home and all assignments need to be checked by a parent. (If at any time you are not pleased with the written work, contact the moderator.)

  1. As children complete their assignments they may watch cartoons, play Nintendo, create their own drawings, play a variety of games or use the computers. There are a multitude of activities and at times the children do not want to leave!!!


  1. In an effort to keep uniforms clean, children may bring play-clothes. All items (uniforms, ties, lunchboxes etc.) MUST be labeled with the child’s initials.
  2. Provide a bag for the child to place their clothing in so these items are not lost. Please mark your child’s name on the bag.  The after-school clothes should be placed in a sturdy bag with the child’s Name and Grade.
  3. We cannot guarantee that they will be returned if they are not identifiable. A lost and found will be inside the CARES Room.
  4. If your child is missing an item, you are welcome to check the lost and found or send in a note to the teacher. We will do everything in our power to locate it.
  5. Play-clothes should be geared to the daily temperature. Shorts should only be worn on very warm days. (Sunscreen may also be necessary!)
  6. As the weather gets cooler, children must have sweatshirts or jackets. Since it is important for children to have fresh air, we will continue to take the children out during the winter months, even if only for a very short time.  At this point they will need heavy jackets, hats, and gloves.


  1. Monthly calendars will be sent home each month.
  2. On the front of the calendar, follow the directions and circle the days your child will be placed in CARES and the time you will pick up your child.
  3. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE CALENDAR. The back of the calendar is where you will write in the total number of days and figure out your total due for the month.
  4. After you total the monthly amount, return the calendar along with a check, money order or cash in the envelope marked CARES.
  5. A $10 late fee will apply for payments received after the due date.


  1. Payment is due on or before the due date listed on the CARES Calendar.
  2. Students will not be permitted to begin a new month until previous month is paid..


Please complete to the nearest time. Example: if you pick up at 4:15 you pay $8.00. There is a reduced rate for more than one child.

3:00 $3.00
3:30 $4.25
4:00 $6.00
4:30 $8.00
5:00 $9.50
5:30 $11.25
6:00 $13.00
Late Fee – if applicable







Complete only if multiple children in program:

First child total  (above total)               __________________


Second child total ________ X .75=    __________________


Third child total __________ X .50=   __________________



  1. A $30.00 fee will be charged for any checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds.
  2. There is a $5.00 charge, per day, for any days added after a calendar is returned. This prevents our program from becoming a drop-in center.
  3. There is a $10.00 charge for any calendar returned after the date due.
  4. There is a $10.00 charge for any days requested when a calendar was not turned into the Main Office.
  5. There is a $10.00 charge for every 15 minutes late after 6:00PM pickup.
  6. Credit is only given if your child is out for three or more consecutive days due to illness.



  1. The last available time to pick up your child is 6:00PM.  If you arrive after 6:00PM, you will be charged $10.00 charge for every 15 minutes after 6:00PM – eg.. between 6:01PM and 6:15PM is a $10.00 charge etc..
  2. Children are to be picked up by those who are listed on the approved list completed by the parent. If there are ever occasions when someone other than this is to pick up your child, please call the school office to notify us.
  3. If you pick your child up at the recess area they will have their school bags with them.
  4. When picking up your child, you are required to sign them out and indicate the accurate time you are picking up the child. Children may not sign themselves out or walk home alone.


  1. The children are to be picked up at the side doors across from the train station.
  2. On the left of the door is a door bell and intercom.
  3. Parents must sign the form located on the podium inside the CARES Room. Please fill in the exact time of pick-up. Children may not sign for themselves!!
  4. Doors need to be kept closed and locked at all times for everyone’s safety. Please check the door when leaving. If it does not lock, notify a teacher at once.
  5. The school cleaners are not permitted to open the doors.
  6. Parents and children are not to enter any classroom except those that are occupied by a CARES teacher. The children cannot retrieve items that were forgotten. It is unfair to the other students who are not permitted to return to school. They must learn to be responsible and to pack the necessary books at dismissal.

Everyone must do their part to keep the children (and teachers) safe and secure.


  1. Notification needs to be given to the CARES moderator when someone other than a parent is picking up your child.
  2. If you need to leave a message, phone the office at (215) 379-3798. (Do not leave an urgent message on the voice mail, as it may not be able to be checked until later.)
  3. We will never allow a pupil to leave the program via a telephone request, as we cannot verify the caller’s identity.
  4. The CARES # 215-379-4860 can be reached between 3:00 and 6:00. It is wise to carry both numbers with you or place them in your cell phone.
  5. Please have arrangements made for a relative or near-by neighbor to pick up your child in the event of an EARLY CARES can only remain open 1 hour following the announcement.

Complete the required forms and return them to school.

We look forward to having your child as a member of our program!

Every CARES child must have on file these necessary forms.    


  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Pick Up Form
  • Monthly Calendar Form