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Volunteers Needed

August, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

There are several ways for you to become involved in your child’s school. Please take time to consider how you can be a part of our school’s wonderful volunteer group. Please check below and return ASAP. Thank you for your consideration.


Mrs. Marianne Garnham


All volunteers working with students on a regular weekly basis must obtain the appropriate clearances as required by the Office for the Protection of Children and Youth. These forms are on our web site under Admission – forms.

Name ____________________________________ Phone # ___________________

_____ NURSE’S OFFICE – Staff the nurse’s office once or twice a month and to attend to students who are not feeling well. This usually includes taking temperatures and/or calling parents to inform them of the status of their child.  ______ times a month.

_____ LIBRARY HELPER– to help the librarian with a variety of tasks from re-shelving books to covering new arrivals. __________times per month

_____ LUNCH MONITOR – Please indicate # of days and what days of the week you are available or if you are available as a substitute only.                                                                                  

        __TECHNOLOGY TEAM –to help keep our school up-to-date in technology. This

involves not only the research into and the purchasing of new equipment but also

the continued maintenance of the hardware/software already in use. No skills? No

worries!  We offer on the job training!