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Tuition Assistance

Applications for this grant are available through school for any family entering their second year at Presentation School. Anyone applying must also apply for a BLOCS (Business Leaders Organized for Catholic Schools) Scholarship, participate in the parish Scrip program and complete the school’s yearly family income survey. All information is confidential; the pastor and the principal review it. Awards will be ongoing.

How to Save on Tuition

Participate in the Scrip Program- Some families have been able to save over $1000 on their tuition by purchasing scrip (gift certificates) for the stores they shop at regularly. The profit is split between the parish and the individual purchasing scrip. This credit is then redeemed as a check for your tuition. It can be for any Catholic school. If you haven’t tried this easy way of gaining $$$ off on your tuition give it a try. The list of participating stores and the names of phone numbers of the program managers is available online at the parish web site under scrip. Please remember, new participants must use cash for the first three purchases. So purchase your scrip and have your extended family help you save at no cost to them except a little time and effort! For more information go to our parish website click on the scrip toolbar on the left. A list of stores and scrip hours are listed along with an email for further info.