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Admissions for the upcoming school year begin in Mid January and are ongoing until classes are full. Once completed registrations have been reviewed a letter of acceptance will be mailed to your family by March 25th. If registrations are incomplete this will hold up the review process.


A student who is six years old by September 1st is eligible for first grade. The age for admission to kindergarten should be one year less than that of the first grade. The Preschool children must be the appropriate age by September 1st as well.

The necessary forms and certificates for admission are:

  •  Birth certificate
  •  Baptismal certificate
  •  Verification of the reception of all sacraments received outside this parish.
  • Certificate of immunization must be confirmed. The school nurse will check this record for compliance. Children may not start school until Physician’s Exam Form, and Dental Forms.
  •  All academic record, disciplinary records, Standardized testing, IEP and evaluations.
  •  Proof of parish registration signed by the individual pastor.
  •  The school must be made aware of any physical or mental limitations.
  • A yearly non-refundable registration fee per family is required to complete registration.
  • Completion of an application form and a contract for enrollment.


The order of reception of completed registration will be the order of admittance with priority given to parish members with currently enrolled siblings, other families (non-parish) with siblings in our school, parish members (date of registration in parish), students transferring from other Catholic schools that are now in our parish. The order of acceptance continues: Catholics from a parish without a school or with closed enrollment, Catholics coming from another parish school for other reasons and Non-Catholic students.

Kindergarten and first grade assessment will be administered in May.

New students registering for grades 2 to 8 may be required to take a level test to determine eligibility and placement. This testing date will be scheduled in June.


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